Frustrated New Manager

Inexperienced managers need skills, so give them skills!

How can CEOs and senior managers lead effectively when inexperienced managers are less effective than desired?  Give them skills! An organization can only be as good as its managers.  Senior leaders have one hand tied behind their back when new managers have not been trained in a few key skills. The key new skills that will free senior leaders by making managers more effective are: Teaching them how to make…

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Bring in the Money…

Most hospitals are struggling with cash flow concerns, yet nearly all maintain a virtual goldmine of revenue hidden in their AR accounts. Lean Six Sigma is perfect for addressing the issues in the billing cycle. By eliminating errors and standardizing daily work your revenue position will improve tremendously and overall patient ans staff satisfaction will improve.

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SigmaMed Logo

The Inspiration of Our Company

Lean Six Sigma has been so effective in business that it’s hard to find a successful company that doesn’t employ it in some form.  Healthcare is starting to move in this direction, but many executives hesitate due to examples of wasteful and ineffective hospital deployment efforts that take them in exactly the opposite direction. Our mission is to show you a way to integrate LSS processes and thinking into your…

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