Lean Sigma Healthcare Training and Certification

Lean Sigma Healthcare Training and Certification

SigmaMed’s Lean Sigma Healthcare methodology taught in this course has been specifically developed by healthcare quality improvement experts to address the needs of healthcare organizations. The typical Lean Six Sigma course includes a large amount of extraneous information geared to manufacturing and high volume service industries that is not applicable to healthcare.

SigmaMed worked with instructional designers at the University of Colorado’s Center for Online Learning to ensure the latest thinking in online learning effectiveness were incorporated in the course. The result is highly relevant and interesting training that cuts to the core of what is needed to implement effective change in healthcare organizations.

Topics Covered

  • How to lead Quality Improvement and Practice Redesign efforts using only those elements of the Lean Six Sigma methodology with application to healthcare.
  • Understanding key drivers of patient satisfaction and outcomes.
  • Improving cost and profit positions for practices and hospitals
  • Enhancing physician and staff satisfaction with an HIT implementation without damaging any of the above

Who Will Benefit

  • Hospital and clinic managers and staff who want to learn a concise and proven set of Lean Six Sigma tools adapted specifically to healthcare.
  • Healthcare providers and assistants who want to better understand the relationship between value and efficiency so that both may simultaneously be addressed.
  • All personnel who want to learn how to utilize data to cut to the root cause of problems and drive improvements that have a positive impact on patient safety and quality.

What’s In It For You…

  • Qualify for certification as a Lean Sigma Healthcare Yellow Belt and begin your advancement to Green Belt and Black Belt status.
  • Learn a highly relevant and marketable new skill set that prepares you to assume a leadership role in a medical practice or healthcare facility.
  • Learn the ropes from a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt who has been working in quality and process improvement for over 30 yrs and applied these methodologies as the administrator of several hospital departments during the implementation of in-patient and ambulatory EMR systems.

Certifications: Students who successfully complete this course will earn a certification as a Lean Sigma Healthcare Yellow Belt. Students wishing to earn a certificate as an LSH Green Belt must complete 1 successful Lean Sigma Healthcare improvement project under the tutelage of a SigmaMed Solutions Black Belt at an additional cost. Students who want to pursue further certification as a LSH Black Belt must complete 3 successful improvement projects and pass a Certification Exam. Green and Black Belt candidates will be mentored by a SigmaMed Solutions Black Belt and these certifications carry an additional cost.

Registration: To register for this online course you must first complete registration information by clicking here. and pay for the course by following the PayPal link below. If you wish pay by check please make a note in the comments field of the registration webpage and and mail your payment to:

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Cost: $795

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Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with this training course simply discontinue the course prior to or upon completing the first unit and contact SigmaMed VP of Professional Services, Wray Paul, by email at wray@sigmamed-it.com We will promptly refund your course tuition.