The Real Meaning of Lean Six Sigma

The true test of any improvement methodology or change effort is the extent to which the roll out is embraced by staff and transforms the feeling and work of your facility.  If our experience is any guide, employees want to feel like they are part of the solution and the principles of LSS have proven highly effective at harnessing staff commitment, while rapidly driving the kind of change that most health care facilities need.

This is not a superficial attempt to teach staff why it is important to be nice and attentive to the concerns of patients, as do several popular “culture change” efforts on the market today.   That kind of training is a superficial “process patch”, in LSS terminology, that doesn’t address the real causes of patient dissatisfaction and shoots the shotgun of staff training at the discrete problem of patient dissatisfaction or lack of commitment among your staff.

The SigmaMed LSH approach aims the rifle of LSS tools at the root causes of your major issues and ensures you attain the results you need.  We don’t waste your money on culture improvement training, before generating staff buy-in with highly effective demonstration projects.   We don’t ask  the board to fund another round of  projects without demonstrating a concrete return on their initial investment that proves to them you are a good steward of their trust.

The ultimate goal of any LSS implementation is a complete Lean transformation of care processes, business processes, and employee culture.  We at SigmaMed Solutions believe that the right way to reach that goal is through delivery of improvement in discrete and quantifyable doses that return far more than they cost, and which before you know it have affected a significant improvement of your financial position and the general well-being of your facility.

Perfectly delivering what your patients want, when they want it is the real meaning of Lean Six Sigma and working toward those goals is the only way for you to fortify your viability and remain in the game to serve them for the long run!

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